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Ask for our guided walking tours! Explore the city’s highlights at a comfortable pace.

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RUN AND SEE DÜSSELDORF – Simply Entert®aining!

Entert®aining - a creative approach to running - for all those who want to turn running into an experience! Masterminded by Steffi Buss, four-time German national mountain running champion and successful participant in many European and World Mountain Running Championships.

What’s behind it: Having fun makes any kind of training more enjoyable. This is true for many kinds of activities. RUN AND SEE DÜSSELDORF focuses on running. Our workouts keep you fit and are entertaining at the same time.

This is what RUN AND SEE DÜSSELDORF has to offer:

RUN AND SEE: Try sightrunning (also known as sightjogging or cityjogging) as the new trend for guided city tours – it’s the perfect way to explore the city and boost your fitness at the same time:

  • explore Düsseldorf with an experienced city guide
  • run side by side with an elite runner
  • book individually or in small groups
  • have course and pace customized to your needs
  • combine entertainment with your favorite sport
  • great for trade visitors, tourists, companies, and running groups

Book now “BEST OF THE CITY” – our all-time tour favorite!

RUN AND MEET: Running events at designated dates, e.g.:

  • Ladies’ Night – focuses on women’s running
  • The Fair Tour – not just for trade visitors
  • Run and See the Forest
  • Run and See Spontaneously – the surprise tour
  • New in Town – what’s what in the city
  • Company Events

RUN AND SPEAK: Learn German or English on the run and combine a workout with professional language training


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